2018 Newsletter

Dear friends and sponsors of the togdens,

Here is finally some news about the togdens again! As usually happens, I arrived in Tashi Jong late December 2017 to spend my annual 3 months there, and after getting installed in my litte retreat house and recovering from the travel, I managed to make an appointment to meet some of the togdens at the lower retreat center to offer their annual sponsor money. While having some tea and catching up, I was happy to see that they’re all doing ok. Like last year we collected enough funds to offer each togden 12.000 Rps for their annual medical and personal expenses. All of them are very grateful for your continued support and convey their heartfelt thanks.

The consecration of two stupas with relics of Togdens Semdor & Osel.

This year H.E. Khamtrul Rinpoche had to travel quite a lot, and last November came to Europe again, accompanied by Togden Achos and Togden Thutop Nyima, to teach at the major Rigpa centers in Berlin, Lerabling, and London where last year he started teaching a Mahamudra course. During spring this year he traveled to his centers in Korea and Hong Kong, as well as other places in South East Asia, accompanied by some of the togdens as attendants for performing ceremonies. Khamtrul Rinpoche usually doesn’t travel without Togden Achos, the oldest togden who has been his tutor since he was very young, and along with them Togden Thutop Nyima is usually asked to join. I heard that Khamtrul Rinpoche recently returned to Tashi Jong and now started a personal retreat.

After Dorzong Rinpoche’s paranirvana in February 2017, Choegyal Rinpoche requested Togden Thinley Kunchab to stay at Jangchubjong, Dorzong Rinpoche’s monastic institute, about an hour’s drive from Tashi Jong, to help out and teach the Jangchubjong monks, so he will be staying there for a few years and possibly start a retreat center there.

Togden Gyamtso [R] making tormas.

Togdens Gyamtso and Sonam Gyurmey were requested to help Choegyal Rinpoche in Nepal earlier this year and stayed at Tarabir, Choegyal Rinpoche’s retreat center in Nepal, for a while. They also travelled to some high mountain areas at the invitation of Buddhist groups there, and assisted by some of the togdens Choegyal Rinpoche bestowed some empowerments and teachings in those areas.

Recently Togden Drubgyu and a few monks were requested to conduct ceremonies in Vietnam where they are right now. Togdens Lhawang, and togdens in training Tsultrim Tenzin, Zhenphen, and Khewang, after many years of staying in strict retreat went to Nepal to do pilgrimage and will be back in a month or so. Togden Gyamtso also had to go there again to attend to his old father who is very ill.

Last February Khamtrul Rinpoche performed the consecration of two stupas, one for Togden Semdor’s relics and one for Lama Osel’s relics. Both these togdens passed away at the retreat center over the last 10 years.

[Go here to view a photo gallery of the togden community in 2018.]

With sincere gratitude and blessings from the togdens, and many thanks for your continued support of these amazing practitioners,

Ani Jinba

[In Amsterdam]

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