2016 Newsletter

Togden Achos with Khamtrul Rinpoche

Dear sponsors and friends of the togdens,

Here is finally the annual newsletter about the Tashi Jong togdens, I apologize for being so late again due to health issues. This year I spent again three months in Tashi Jong, from late December 2015 till late March 2016, and did some retreat, visited with the lamas and togdens a few times, and attended the annual lama dances late March. After that I went to Nepal and during April and May did some retreat in Namo Buddha, Nepal… Nepal is still very much affected by last year’s earthquake, the air pollution and the water are extremely unhealthy, and there still are weekly aftershocks from the earthquake…

…The health of Khamtrul Rinpoche, who has had a spine and hip problem since many years, has improved a lot through excercise, so that he could bestow those empowerments and also partly participate in the drupchen ceremonies.

tokden, togden, Khampagar

Shenphen, Togden Gyamtso & Lhawang

With the sponsor money collected last year we were able to offer to each of the togdens…Last year winter again two more monks from the Monastic College (Shedra), who originally came from Khampagar in East Tibet and completed nine years of study at the Shedra in Tashi Jong, joined the togden’s retreat center. Altogether there are now elevem togdens in the lower yoga retreat center, of whom seven are in training, and six togdens in the Yamantaka retreat center, of whom five are still in training. …

The togdens are extremely grateful for your donations and include you all in their prayers, they are in good health. Though Togden Achos is getting quite old now, 85, but he still accompanies Khamtrul Rinpoche on all his travels, and is so kind to visit Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo’s  DGL nunnery twice a month to teach the nuns that have been in life long retreat there since the last seven to eight years.

Togdens Thinley Kunchab & Gyamtso on pilgrimage in Nepal.

At Losar, February 2106, Tibetan New Year, Togden Thinley Kunchab concluded a 20-year strict-retreat period at the lower retreat center and participated in the annual lama dance ceremonies and Padmasambhava drupchen (intensive sadhana ceremony that goes on day and night) performed at the end of March….In April he went on an elaborate pilgrimage through India and Nepal along with Togden Gyamtso…

It’s really inspiring that this special lineage of the Khampagar togdens in Tashi Jong can keep flourishing in this day and age, and I hope their pictures and blessings inspire you to continue your support for the continuation of togden lineage.

[View more photos from the togden community here.]

With many thanks and blessings from all the Tashi Jong togdens, warm wishes, Ani Jinba

[written in Amsterdam]















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