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The inevitable law of change has resulted in a new website for the togdens at the Khampagar Yogi Center!  Our launch is occurring at an auspicious time for the Tibetans. This year the “Lha Bab Düchen” falls on November 10th and commemorates the Buddha’s return from the Tushita heaven where his mother had been reborn. There Buddha transmitted the precious Dharma to his mother in thanks for her great kindness. Düchens are times where the effects of both positive and negative actions are greatly multiplied by 10 million. And so, participating in any kind of virtuous activity is particularly meaningful – like launching a website dedicated to the togdens, helping their sponsorship, etc. replaces We honor with deep gratitude the efforts of the previous USA coordinator, Ani Chonyi Zangmo, as well as her son, Paulo, in maintaining the previous website dedicated to the togdens’ sponsorship. Please read more about the transition details in the previous post here by Ani JInpa. We extend out heartfelt thanks to the USA non-profit organization Guardians of the Four Corners for offering the Togdens’ Fund. Read more on our on Donate page. Four Corners have a long-time connection to the lamas at Tashi Jong and so this auspicious connection is very wonderful.

Our gratitude to all our sponsors – multiplied 10 million times!

We dedicate the merit of this website to the togdens and all sentient beings.



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